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It’s Not a System, It’s a Complete Learning Solution

Defeat the boredom of those never ending long winded lectures with an exciting, interactive, and innovative experience that can actually be put to use.

Features and Functionality

Change What You Want, When you Want!


Customizable Learning Management System (LMS)

Traditional & Micro Learning

Content and Course Management


Countdown/Lesson Timer

Cross-Platform Learning Environments


Automated Alerts & Notifications



Audit Logs


Field Renaming

Continuing Education (CEU) Management

Secure Encryption

On-The-Go Mobile Training

Seamless Integrations


Real-Time Dashboards & Responsive Analytics


Content Library

Media Library


Private Instructor Messaging


Training the Leaders of Tomorrow

Does your company lack the trained employees it needs to succeed? Is it due to a lack of cutting edge training and education?

Comprehensive training classes are customizable and dynamic to ensure a unique and successful program is developed that exceeds both organizational goals and objectives.

Utilizing a tiered learning approach, InnTier strategically integrates daily activities with its on-going training sessions in order to motivate individuals to put their new found knowledge to work.


As a one-stop-shop for all your continuing education needs, InnTier offers a variety of user-friendly formats for any situation: Total Learning Management System, Custom E-Learning classrooms, Webinars, On-site instruction and motivational enrichment, one-on-one training and tutoring, train-the-trainer, and learn as you go tutorials.


Together We Learn, Together We Develop

Ever been stuck in a conference event, continuing education session, lecture series, or breakout session that seems to drag on forever? Tired of going over rudimentary subjects and common sense situations? Yea, we’ve all been there…

Let’s get rid of the candy sprinkled around the table, this is a new era of education! Let’s be honest no one likes to be lectured to, from kindergarten, to college, to everyday life, let InnTier change the way the message is conveyed.


If your organization is tired of those presentations that lack both variety and relevancy, then it’s time for our educational leaders to develop a unique training plan that will take the term boring out of your vocabulary.


New Employees Bring New Ideas

As a highly recognized onsite consulting, staff augmentation, and advisory services center, we specialize in being fully committed to seeing your project through to the end. Unlike traditional staffing programs, InnTier focus is based on a highly educated workforce that is known to succeed.

Being proactive does not need to come at a cost, but should be simply part of normal daily activities. Utilizing an analytical approach to finding the best and brightest individuals, InnTier takes the guess work out of knowing if the right people are right for the job whether it be for a project, full-time position, or for just a short-term stay.


With the mindset that Knowledge Breeds Strategic Action, InnTier selects only grade A individuals who are motivated, collaborative, and have a proactive approach towards success, which hopefully turn into profitable action.