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Employee Training

Employee TrainingHere at InnTier, we provide training for the leaders of tomorrow. If your company’s employees are lacking the training they need to succeed, we can help. InnTier offers a comprehensive employee training system to get the most out of your employees and turn them into industry leaders in their respective fields.

Our customized training solutions work with you and your employees in an engaging and innovative way, as opposed to long, drawn out meetings and lectures. If your company is in need of employee training and cutting edge education, give us a call at 312-874-8828 today to get started on turning your employees into superstar performers.

Tiered Employee Training

At InnTier we use a tiered learning approach that strategically integrates your employees’ daily activities with our on-going training sessions. In doing so, your employees will become more motivated and will be able to put their new found knowledge to work immediately.

Our employee training program and classes are customizable to fit your employees’ needs in order to ensure the development of a successful and lasting program. We do away with the typical methods of education like lectures, which we’ve been subjected to since our first years of school. At InnTier, we change the way the message is delivered.

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We specialize in being fully committed to your employees and seeing your project all the way through to the end. Unlike other staffing services, we focus on a highly educated workforce to help your company and employees succeed.

New employees bring new ideas and part of our process is to identify the best and brightest employees through analytics. In doing so, we take out the guess work of finding the right employee for the job, the project, or for a short-term position.

If your company is in need of employee training to increase their productivity and to provide results beyond expectations, call us today at 312-874-8828 or fill out the form located on the right side of this page and we’ll get back to you soon.

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Utilizing modern technology, a hands-on learning approach, and undeniably the best platforms in the industry, InnTier will not only help individuals reach their full potential, but make them the most forward thinkers in the room.